SINGLE house unit for  wastewater treatment 

Clewer’s small scale water treatment system is carefree and safe wastewater solution for single households and holiday homes with remote access and and patented optical sensor that monitors water parameters on a daily basis.

800S System

Detached houses and holiday homes

1300S System

Terraced houses and village communities

The operations of small scale water treatment systems are monitored by a service centre. Around-the-clock monitoring ensures that the system is operational and generates notifications on any changes and actions required. The alerts are shown on the monitoring system and they can also be delivered by e-mail or telephone based on the customer’s preferences.

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The system is able to treat household chemicals and it can handle interruptions in operation – Cleaning efficiency is not reduced by changes in load – The system’s bioprocesses do not stop even when wastewater stops coming; the treatment process starts again immediately when wastewater enters the system


Clewer small scale water treatment systems help keep the property’s soil, groundwater and nearby waterways clean. The system also operates without releasing unpleasant odors. Your property will remain clean and safe for future generations.


The small scale water treatment system is designed to be automatic, eliminating the need for constant maintenance by the user – Remote monitoring ensures that the system is operational 24/7 


Sludge is safely emptied by pump truck – Emptying interval: 800S 150–300m3 , 1300S 450–900m3 . This corresponds to about two years in continuous use and as many as 10 years in summer homes.


The use of centrifugal force makes the cleaning process energy efficient


The rotating reactor process is self-cleaning – No sludge bags to be replaced or serviced – No need for sedimentation tests

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Clewer Technology

Clewer’s patented wastewater treatment system is a new kind of bio process where wastewater is treated, sludge and chemical residue are collected, and the treated water is removed from the system.

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Clewer®, a Finnish family undertaking, is a leading developer of patented cleaning technology. We create environmentally friendly solutions for more efficient water recycling and re-use.