Wastewater Treatment for Food Industry

Our patented wastewater treatment technique is suitable for heavy industrial wastewater disposal.

Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR) requires less space than traditional solutions. Our treatment process can handle temporary load increases and is suitable for use in the food industry.

Clewer’s Bioreactors Stay Fully Operational at All Times

Compared to single households, the BOD/COD load can as much as 50 times higher in industrial works. In Clewer’s wastewater treatment process the rotating motion purifies the carriers from dead cell mass.

Whereas in traditional biofilm processes the capacity of water treatment process decreases when the dead cell mass accumulates on the carriers, Clewer’s rotating technology keeps the bioreactor clean and fully operational at all times.

According to the customer’s needs, flotation units and chemical treatment can be used in industrial treatment process. We provide tailor-made solutions.

Microbe Population is the Result of Decade’s Research

We produce the specific microbial population used in bioreactors ourselves.

  • Proper microbiological laboratory in use
  • The microbial population consists of over 120 bacterial strains
  • Our bacterial mix has been patented
  • Our microbial population tolerates different industrial chemicals and detergents