Wastewater treatment solutions in refugee and rescue camps

Clewer provides quick and functional solutions for sudden needs. Our wastewater treatment plants can be adjusted to the needs of as many as 10,000 people.

In refugee and rescue camps, efficient wastewater treatment is of utmost importance in supporting health and preventing the spread of diseases. Clewer provides tested and proven solutions for effective and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment.

Modular and scalable wastewater treatment plants

The wastewater treatment equipment can be adapted to changing amount of population in camps. The installation of each wastewater treatment plant is customized according to specific site requirements as well as local climatic conditions.

Containerized, closed reactors ensure the safety of the wastewater treatment plant. Furthermore, the equipment is easy to store and to transport to the final location.

The installation of the plant is quick and low-cost. If necessary, Clewer’s wastewater treatment plants function as a long-term infrastructure.

The advantages of Clewer’s wastewater treatment system

  1. Easy to store, transport and install
  2. Modular system to fit all locations
  3. Closed process: hygienic and safe – no odors
  4. Tested and proven, reliable RBBR technology
  5. Environmentally friendly solution

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