Communal Solutions

Communal Solutions

Comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions for up to 10000 people 

Municipal wastewater treatment is a prerequisite for a functioning society. Proper treatment guarantees a safe environment with clean water. We provide treatment systems starting from the wastewater’s of single households, up to the needs of municipalities up to 10 000 people.

Our speciality is decentralized wastewater treatment, where wastewater is treated where it is produced. Our solutions can be used in Municipalities, Hotels, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Camp sites and wherever wastewater treatment is needed, regardless of the location.

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Clewer Technology

Clewer’s patented wastewater treatment system is a new kind of bio process where wastewater is treated, sludge and chemical residue are collected, and the treated water is removed from the system.

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Clewer®, a Finnish family undertaking, is a leading developer of patented cleaning technology. We create environmentally friendly solutions for more efficient water recycling and re-use.