Car Wash

Our current solution is based on years of experience with water treatment for car wash systems using Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor technology (RBBR).

Combined with a flotation unit, solids are separated from the water, most of which can be recycled back to the washing system.

The patented technology of the R4000 and R1000 series is a tested and proven solution for water recycling in car wash lines. It brings remarkable savings: as much as 90% of the water can be recycled. This technology can only be used in automated car washes, not in manual car washes.

Clewer cleaning technology is based on a rotating bed biofilm reactor which provides you with

  • the highest degree of filling of carrier material on the market
  • the longest replacement interval for carrier material – up to 20 years
  • optimal amount of oxygen
  • water recycling rate up to 90%

The rotating bed biofilm reactor keeps the tank clean without wear or friction. Reactor maintenance can be carried out easily.

Solids are separated from the water using a flotation process, which allows a higher recycling rate of water. The recycling rate may be as high as 90%. At the car wash line, new water is needed only for the final rinse.

Choose Clewer!

  • Recycle up to 90% of the water
  • High-quality recycled water
  • Simple to maintain
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install in new or existing car washes
  • Scalable
  • Eco-friendly, meets the requirements of the strictest of legislation