Clewer Technology

Clewer’s patented waste water treatment system is a new kind of bio process where waste water is treated, sludge and chemical residue is collected, and the treated water is removed from the system.

Clewer’s biological treatment process is based on carrier technology, where micro-organism growth operate on the surface of the carrier. The blending of Clewer special bacteria and nutrient technology for bacteria forms a highly efficient waste water treatment system.

Clewer has patented the RBBR (rotating bed biofilm reactor) bioreactor and related microbiology. One of the foundations of the bioreactor’s operating principle is utilising centrifugal forces in growing biofilm. This system is an innovative process of wastewater treatment, based on own bacteria’s and totally new innovating rotation technology.

More specifically, RBBR technology is a bioreactor which operates on the basis of bacteria on carriers specifically designed for different types of pollutants. Bacteria are regular in nature and one of its main characteristics is that they feed on bacteria present in contaminated water.

We produce the specific microbial population used in bioreactors ourselves. Our bacterial mix has been patented.

The advantages of RBBR

  • great treatment area – up to 90% fill
  • great oxygen transfer efficiency
  • cost efficient
  • less maintenance/mud cleaning
  • detergent resistant bacteria
  • closed process (no odor)
  • small footprint, eco-friendly
  • scalable