Communal Solutions

Clewer provides water treatment for communities, and other large scale wastewater solutions.

Clewer products are suitable also for large scale operations as well as for single houses. We provide treatment solutions for many purposes: two or three houses combined wastewater treatment, village wastewater treatment, dairy farm’s milk production water treatment or municipal treatment.

Pure savings for municipalities and cities

Solutions for Heavy Industry Treatment Units

We have tested our Container frame solution using aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors, clarifiers and flotation-equipment. If necessary, further sludge treatment processes can be easily added to the system.

  • container frame solution
  • larger capacity by connecting several treatment units in parallel
  • when needed for example clarifier- and flotation-equipment

We provide either pre-determined waste water treatment systems or custom built solutions for industrial waste water treatment needs.

The capacity of Clewer waste water treatment units is easily increased by installing several units side by side. Both larger and smaller units have been tested in our test hall.